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Social Media

I deleted my Facebook account many years ago. I felt well connected to friends and current events on the then young Twitter (fail whale era) and felt Facebook was redundant and a bit superfluous. Until recently, this seemed like a point decision.

Last week, I stopped using my Twitter account and deleted my Instagram account. Today I deleted all of my old blog posts. The tipping point was watching the Black Mirror episode Nosedive.  The episode crystallized many feelings I've been having about social media:
Social media was designed by very smart people to create an addiction loop. I simply could not stop checking Twitter when I had a free moment. It had gone from a tool to keep up with close  friends and topics of interest to a full blown data addiction. I use the word data instead of information or intelligence by choice. Social media, in my opinion, has transitioned to a flood of data I find overwhelming yet compelled to try to digest, curated by someone or something I don't …

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