March 17, 2002

Techno babble

By the way, OS X kicks butt! I got Whopr running today, my new G4 desktop system. I spent part of yesterday researching symbolic links (man ln, anyone?), but then found that this WWW site did a much better job of explaining how to move the /Users folder to another partition. Oh yeah, I am a geek again!

Boy, viewing photos on PalmOS is a terrible user experience. Can someone not design a freakin' program that reads .jpg files straight from external media? I spent tonight trying different programs and devices (Sony Clie 615c, for example) and could not find a program that didn't first want to convert the photos into a .pdb. What ever happened to simple and elegant?

Been working on a design for an evolution of the Palm To Do application. That app hasn't seen any love since it was first designed, and it is pretty much useless. Noodling on a great idea with my friend George Kembel, and we'll see if it sticks. I call it SuperDo, and I'll start putting my design notes in the project section this week.

Have a great week, and remember to live in your moment. The most amazing people and experiences are right in front of you. And smile!

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