August 06, 2002

Working and playing

Working @ home today, have way too many PRDs and FRDs to review. I couldn't ask for a better day to work remotely; tempertatures in the low 70s with sun to spare. Ah, the joys of summer.

Been traveling recently, so site updates have been at a minimum. Worked on the new Photos section during a trip to Houston, but it is not done yet. Working on those pages caused me to research CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), something I've never worked with before.

Sega Virtual Tennis 2k2 just came out, so my Playstation 2 has been working overtime. I loved that game on the Dreamcast, and the PS2 version is no slouch.

Finally started reading again, am working through a good book I'll write up when I finally finish it.

I also started Akido lessons. It is very interesting, though I just started. More on that as I get into the swing of things...

Well, I'm on the clock, so back to work for me. The future of Palm waits for no one, especially me ;-)

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