September 25, 2002

Working too hard

No, I'm not dead ;-) I just updated my Links page, because I got tired of entering links on all the machines I'm tinkering with.

I'm working mondo hours on three generations of new product. Thankfully, we'll ship the first line later this fall. I think people are really going to like it! No rest for the wicked, however, as the next generations are already beckoning for love and attention. Wee!!

I'm getting ready to move, so that eats what little bandwidth I've got beyond work. When I get stressed, I play Dungeon Siege. That game is crack, I can't get away from it. Between that and Tivo 2, I'm a junkie... I'm finishing Chapter 6 in DS.

Cleaning up my digital photos, and I keep promising everyone that I'll start posting photos here. Patience, young jedi...

Oh yeah, I upgraded to a 10GB iPod. Needless to say, my MP3 collection far ecclipsed 5GB. Woo hoo!

It's still hot here, but fall is creeping into the evenings and early mornings. Time to start living outside and regret not having crashed at the beach even more than I did this summer!

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