December 25, 2002

Christmas night musing

Christmas night and all is well! Just got back from vacation, and I didn't interact with a computer for eight days!!!

I'm toying with View, removed most of the content in the process. I wasn't happy with it anyway. 2150 digital photos and a programming degree, but I can't get photos out of my archive easily. I even use a Mac...

Read has come into existence. Enough said.

I've been thinking about my "digital" archive problem. I work on and solve many problems through my business and personal endeavors, but that knowledge never escapes the paper notes and digital bits on my local hard drives. Even worse, the problems I can't solve myself are trapped themselves in that same medium. What if someone could help me enhance a process or technique twofold?

I helped created a startup a few years ago to free the stories locked in photos. The explosion locked that IP in a corporate vault at a major photo processing company. That sucked...

Reading "The Cathedral & The Bazaar" spurred a new line of thinking for me. As I solve problems, I'm going to expose the goals, process, work, questions, and solutions I find. The value of my work is undefined. I'll leave it to you, the reader, to decide its value and the merit of responding to it in Develop.

Merry Christmas, and tune in for the beginning of something new...

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