August 03, 2003


I've been working way too hard, but my latest corporate project is done. I've invested a year of my life on this project, and I think people will react favorably to it. They will certainly notice the difference if nothing else! I also realize that I'm too deep in the well, and that I need to detach from the office and get creative. So I've really dived into the ~2600 digital photos I've stored over the years in my digital archive.

Down to 2400 photos, and I've actually created my first "fully documented" iPhoto album, including comments.

I also changed a link in the Macintosh section to a great site that let's you move your Home directory to another drive or location. This is a great tool that I use whenever I change drive configurations. I mention this only because I recently had to re-install OS X 10.2.6 when my root partition became full and iPhoto started crashing regularly. All is better now.

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