December 21, 2003

Happy holidays!

I really cleaned up the Links page; it now reflects where I tend to surf on a regular basis. I also posted the template for the new View section, though most of the content is forthcoming. I'm working on photo stuff all the time, but learning new tools takes time.

Now that I've completed the arduous task of encoding all of my CDs, I've started the equally demanding process of cleaning up tags, assigning ranks, etc. to all of my music. It would seem to be a task that one could do "in the background" while working on other things (like photos), but this task tends to take on a life of its own. I ended up buying five new songs tonight alone from the iTunes Music Store ;-)

My new 40GB iPod rocks!!! I've actually got some empty space for the first time.

While I haven't updated my WWW sections, I'm playing the Dungeon Siege Expansion Pack, listening to Linkin Park, and reading Angels and Demons.

Happy Holidays!

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