January 28, 2004

Vacation time

I love being on vacation. I'm starting my new job on Monday, so I'm spending this week having lunch with friends, going to the gym, and upgrading equipment.

Focus is key in life. Everything you own is something else to take care of. Over this break, I'm cleaning out my technology closet. If I own it, it's got to be something I use every day that is really useful to me. I'm unloading tons of stuff on eBay that I've bought but don't use regularly. The stuff that is left are my "Essentials". Here are my traveling essentials:

1 - 2004 Acura TL (NEW) - My chariot. 270 hp, 6 speed manual transmission, XM radio, DVD-A audio, and Bluetooth integration make my commute a joy. Did I mention it is ULEV, so my footprint on the planet is small! 2 - Sony Ericsson T616 - My Bluetooth phone. Small, stylish, and imminently useful. My carrier is AT&T Wireless. I want this to be my Treo 600, but without Bluetooth, I can't use it all the time. It's totally integrated with my TL. 3 - Canon S50 (NEW) - I take pictures of things all the time. Designs, people, cool ideas, etc. This camera is easy to use, 5MP, and has the Canon features (quick boot and shoot, CF support, etc.) that I require. It replaces my S110 and Minolta Dimage F100. 4 - Levenger Circa book and pencils - My notebook is my life. All my notes, sketches, and designs start here. 5 - iPod 40GB (NEW) - My iPod keeps me balanced by playing my favorite tunes and keeping my key files with me. Replaces my 20GB iPod, which was too small given my 23GB music collection.

What am I listening to? Spirits In The Material World from the album Every Breath You Take: The Singles by The Police

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