January 12, 2004

The week in review

Last week was awesome for being a geek. I went to Macworld and CES, and came away with a ton of creative energy based on what I saw. I really should start developing apps again ;-)

Macworld was dissapointing from a "solutions" perspective. I'm glad Apple revised iPhoto, else I would have had to change to Windows to get a working photo management solution. iPhoto didn't used to work with more than ~500 photos, but they evidently have addressed this. I'll be buying iLife 4.0 this week to see if the expectation meets reality.

I didn't see anything "amazing" or "innovative" at the show. iPod Mini was cool, but $50 overpriced. Everything else was revision "twenty something" of an exisiting app. This is an alarming trend I'm seeing in software. Some people say everything in software has been done already, but I don't buy that. Innovative hardware like wireless, proximity detection, etc. should be facilitating another generation of innovative apps. Where are they? Where are apps that communicate with each other when in proximity? Where are the vaunted "web services" seamlessly integrated into mobile applications? Heck, where is a simple presentation program that makes Powerpoint look like the crappy app that it is?

Macworld did bring a great dinner with my old friends Tuncer Deniz (Editor in Chief of Inside Mac Games) and Brian Greenstone (Mac game god). That was fun and has become a Macworld tradition. I'm glad to hear that they are both doing well. It was fun to regale ourselves in stories of the old Mac game evangelism days and of course our Bungie experiences.

A final thought on CES. The trend I saw at CES was the fundamental shift to higher quality digital media (HDTV, Blu-Las DVD, AAC, WMA, XM radio) that is seamlessly shared/connected throughout one's personal spaces (house, car, travel). All the technical pieces are there to achieve this (demonstrated at CES), but I think it will be some time before elegant solutions (ala iTunes + iPod) are created based on all the cool technology demonstrated at CES. Very exciting none the less!

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