February 25, 2004

On cooktops and marriage

I didn't start the evening thinking I would rebuild by index page, but I did. I actually started thinking I would make sure my Projects pages were up-to-date so I could start writing some code for one of them. Then I looked at the inconsistencies in formatting between all of the pages, and decided to fix that. Then I started looking at the formatting itself, and decided to change that. Ever had that happen to you? You start one place and end up in another...

Great day for me. Spent the day working on Palm Desktop and Macintosh sync issues, and we made good progress. I was too tired to make it to the gym, but yesterday had a killer workout, so I'm not feeling too guilty.

Most importantly, Anne and I got our new cooktop installed in the kitchen. We've been blocked on this project because the hole in the cabinet from the old range was too small. Anne bought us a Dremel tool, and I carved a 2-3mm extension in the hole, and dropped that puppy in. Wired up the 220 to it, and we're back online. Just in time for this weekend's Oscars party! Dremels rule!!!

The gay marriage controversy saddens me. The definition of marriage in our modern world seems so open to interpretation that adding gay people to the list doesn't seem unfair. 50% of marriages end in divorce, and people seem to flit in and out of marriage like a bad pair of slacks. Seems like marriage isn't about the lifelong bond between two people anymore, it's about the tax and health care benefits afforded to married people.

I guess I'm cool with straight or gay people getting married. It's a way for two people to say they are together and love each other. If people want to abuse marriage as a vehicle to get health benefits, well, I definitely don't want to discriminate between straight and gay people. Doesn't seem right that a long term commited gay couple can't get health care coverage while some stupid ass straight people get married for two months after a drunken night but have full medical benefits.

Just seems sad that the term marriage has been denegraded so much. I associate it with a straight couple who stay together through the good times and the bad, while raising kids to the best of their ability. Marriage to me was always about the long term family unit that makes up our society. Now it is a temporary state that people want only when it suits their mood or need for medical care. Sad...

Maybe straight married people who stay together for together with kids for a long time just need a new name?!

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