April 28, 2004

Another day in paradise

Man, it has been hot here in the Bay Area. 100 degrees in the day. Not to sound like an old sage who bases their predictions on rubbing their palms in the dirt and sniffing the air, but it is going to be a hot summer. After 16 summers here in NorCal, I've just got that feeling. Oh well, now I've got a pool to hop into with my margarita ;-)

Today I made an important discovery. SBC has been trying to screw me again. What's new. I went to my parent's house recently, and there I discovered the joy that is 3Mb/sec downloads. Wondering why I did not have this joy in my own life, I went to the SBC DSL site, and found that they too had increased download speed to 3Mb/sec. So why wasn't I going 3Mb/sec? A friendly call to SBC indicated that I was "on an old rate plan" that didn't include this. Well, my old rate plan was at the same price as the new plan, and the only difference between the plans was the increased download speed. Why didn't you just "upgrade" me to keep a happy camper? Welcome to customer service is the modern world...

I also signed up for XM satellite service today. My free 3 month trial that came with my new Acura TL came to an end, so it was either time to put up or shut up. Needless to say, being stripped of 3 dance channels, Top Tracks, and my other music favories was beyond my ability to handle. I say "Viva La XM!!"

I'm buried to my armpits in Powerpoint prezos today, trying to get some roadmap work done. I actually like working on roadmaps, but damn they take time to do well. I always under-estimate the time needed to complete them, then open my mouth and tell the Exec Staff that I'll have them done at some ridiculous time. Then I'm up at 2am working on roadmaps and typing in my blog ;-)

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