May 28, 2004


I'm testing a new application called Dossier for Mac OS X. It is a journal application that allows you to optionally post entries to Blogger. Great idea, let's see how it works. Seems like the application is focused on workgroups (with dossier sharing for local networks), but I'll try to use it in the local setting.

I always carry a paper notebook with me, and it's how I document my life. I've got notebooks back from 1992, and I've been trying to figure out how to preserve and learn from the notes, pictures, and observations trapped within them. I scan important drawings, notes, etc., but that is very time consuming. If I ever take a long break from work (my long dreamed of one year sabbatical) I'll probably distill all of these notebooks over a year looking for gems of wisdom on work, life, and personal code projects...

Furthermore, I've been searching for the electronic replacement for the paper notebook for some time. I used a Newton, IBM/Cross inkPad, etc., but nothing has been useful to me. I think a TabletPC might be the answer, but at $2000, it's quite an expensive experiment. I wish I had my notes in an electronic form that I could quickly post to the Internet or use in my projects. Ah, someone will figure this out sooner or later.

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