May 07, 2004

It's over

So ends the 10 year run of Friends. The last episode wasn't everything I was hoping for, but it was still a great ending. I liked how it just ended.

I'm pretty sure that I'm going to turn off Tivo and DirectTV now. Not that Friends was the end point for my consumption of commercial television, but it sorta was. I think I'm going to sell of my current generation gear, and go without television through the Fall. Then if I miss it I'm going to upgrade to HDTV and the entire overhaul of equipment it will entail. But who knows, maybe I'll finally cut my lifelong addiction to television. As much as television is nice, I've been thinking that television is comsumption, but life is measured by creation...

This is actually a test blog as well as a real update, as I just changed hosting companies, and I need to make sure that blogging is working properly. Always mixing work with pleasure ;-)

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