June 11, 2004

Ah, another sunny day in California!!

I just got back from Seattle for a business trip, and it was cold and rainy there. Felt like a California winter day. And that was June 9. I definitely have something to be thankful for.

This was the last day of school for the kids, and they are happy to be free. Emmy just jumped into the pool, and I think Gabbi is reading. Man, I wish I got a summer vacation.

I haven't done any cool stuff with my systems all week. Not even World of Warcraft testing. Mostly I've been sleeping this week. Not sure why. Oh well, the weekend is here, so I'll have time to nerd.

Bought a ton of music over the last week. I traded a bunch of my DVDs (I never seems to watch most movies more than once) @ Rasputin for some new music, which I know I'll listen to over and over:

- Oakenfold "Bunkka" (simply amazing, I've been meaning to buy it for some time)
- Foreigner "The Very Best... And Beyond" (too many classic hits not to own it)
- The Best of the Scorpions (my MP3 versions were crappy quality, now I'm legit)
- Alanis Morissette "So-Called Chaos" (haven't listened to it yet)
- Sarah McLachlan Remixed (more dance music, what can I say?)

I've got a ton more music on order from Amazon.com, should be here soon!

Oh yeah, and I got a new Macintosh!!! Schweet! I replaced my old Dual 800 with a Dual 1.8 G5. It's not out of the box yet, but I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. Reports to follow. It will become my main Mac computer, obviously, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it handles code development, Photoshop, and DivX compression stuff!

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