July 24, 2004

Ending the week

Went to see the new Bourne movie tonight, and it was much, much better than I expected. Tight movie, highly recommended.

Started playing Max Payne 2 today as well. I played through the original, and the second appears to be more of the same with better graphics. I'm definitely not disappointed, though I had forgotten how cheezy the story and voice-overs were. The textures in this game are amazing, and playing it on my new PC (high end) is schweet. Another recommended thing.

My work sucks. I'm pretty bumming right now, because I've worked my ass off, and it feels like all I did was work myself into a hole. I'm waiting for the organization to get into high gear on some initiatives, but most seem happy to stay in cruise mode. Ugh.

But to be fair, I also realized that one shouldn't throw rocks in glass houses. I had some personal initiatives that I started some time back, and I've let them linger. I realize that I've got to hold my own initiatives to the same standards that I apply at work. This should not only get my personal stuff back on track, but it should help at work because I won't be so focused on what happens from 8 to 6...

Happy weekend people. Remember to live in the moment and hide from the man...

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