July 14, 2004

A random Wednesday

Another day on the ranch. I've been working odd hours recently, coming home in the late afternoon after meetings, etc. and going to the gym. I then work later in the evening to complete my day. It's actually really nice, as I get to work out and enjoy summer afternoons and get peace and quiet in the evenings to do my work. I've haven't been working on my WWW site at all lately. Actually, I haven't worked on anything creative. We've been in a major crunch at work, so most of my time (creative or otherwise) has been focused on writing Market Requirement Documents. If you're going to do something, you've got to do it well, so my focus has been on creating the best MRDs possible. And guiding the path for our next product. With the crunch starting to die down, I find myself with much creative energy, and a realization that a few tools would help me be way more productive. So I'll start to update this site more often, and start to work on some tools that I will of course post here...
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