August 03, 2004

A long week

Ever have one of those weeks where Tuesday's end feels like Friday night? It's one of those weeks for me. I'm covering for team members at work, so my normally hectic days are twice so. It's interesting getting to see what other people do with their days, but some times you just don't want to know ;-)

Just so that it is clear, web development can be frustrating. I love HTML, but the "language" is so frustrating. Table borders are a great example. If you turn on table borders, all borders (perimeter and interior cells) get borders. What if I only want the perimeter to get borders? Nope. And then there are tags that only work in Netspace versus IE? Arrghh!

Yes, it is the first day Doom 3 is available and I don't own it. Why not, you ask? Because if I buy it, I will play it for days and skip everything else in my life. While that little trick worked when I was 18, it doesn't seem to fly with the "Man". Or my "woman" ;-)

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