September 26, 2004

Here I go again (for the fourth time)

When I was a teenager I wrote a fair amount of code, and most of it was gaming stuff. As I exited my teenage years, I told myself that I would soon have more time to write games. I convinced myself that when I had time, wealth beyond belief (remember, to a teenager $40K/year sounded like nirvana), and better computers, I would make the ultimate turn based space combat simulator.

Skip forward almost 16 years, and I still haven't made significant progress in fulfilling one of my life goals. Over the years I've made three attempts at starting this project, and kept a binder full of notes, concept art, and physics formulas, and old Pascal code in my lab.

While I don't have that fountain of unlimited time I always imagined (hard to imagine not working even when you can afford not to), I've got enough time and determination to make another run at this. I've even sorted through my binder and posted some of my old material.

I've codenamed my project Dominion, and happen to have a killer WWW domain reserved should I ever make anything real out of this project. Stay tuned for more content over the coming weeks.

I also standardized the formatting across the entire lab section of my WWW site. Took some time, but at least all the pages in that section look like they were developed by the same person ;-) I'll be applying the standardized formatting to the other sections of my WWW site as I revise them....

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