September 09, 2004

Playing with CSS

A wise dude, Charles Hacskaylo, once told me that I'd have to stop using the Design mode in Dreamweaver if I was every going to get my web pages to look right. Warned me that Dreamweaver inserted all sorts of junk code that I'd one day have to remove.

Today was that day. The formatting of my pages had really been bothering me, and I knew it was going to take some CSS to fix it. Little did I know that the real issue was in the auto generated HTML code, and that was where I was going to have to work.

I changed my root CSS file today, so I'm sure most of my pages now look like crap. I fixed my Links page and Music : Tools completely (because I was editing those), and made sure my root page didn't look like ass. I'll start moving the template established in Music : Tools to other pages ASAP. My web site will finally have a consistent theme. Dear me...

BTW, Internet Explorer blows monkey nuts. I hate it! Doesn't handle PNG files properly, and I dislike the way it renders my HTML. Bleck! Switch to Firebird, and you'll get the added benefit of speed, security, and stability! See the links at the bottom of my new pages. You won't be dissapointed.

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