November 25, 2004


What aspects of the tropics make you adopt "island time"? I've been in Maui for almost a week, and I quite honestly am moving at half my normal pace. I'm beginning to believe it is a combination of ocean water, humidity, and a lack of "civilization." There is simply no reason to move quickly here. Everything will get done when it gets done. To expect anything more seems stupid ;-)

I've been reading far more than normal, which is another welcome side effect of island time. I highly recommend Charles Stross and his two books Singularity Sky and Iron Sunrise. Singularity Sky was on the short list for a Hugo, and I can attest that these are great books.

I've been working on SmartieAlarms in the off hours, and have a first draft of the MRD. As soon as I get back to my standard WWW tools I'll post this to the site. I'm on a notebook that I recently started equipping as my "own", hence the lack of good tools.

Well, island life is reclaiming me. Now where is my sunblock?!

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