December 13, 2004

Does the modern church represent the modern world?

A Methodist minister was recently defrocked for being gay. When I first glanced at the headline on Google News, I didn't think much of it. My wife brought up the topic recently, and it got me thinking that it must suck to be gay...

Do I think that God (or a God, Goddess, or whatever form of higher force you can personally relate to) really cares if you are gay? No. Seems like that is a small thing when viewed from a more "god like" perspective. Seriously. Unless everyone was gay and God actually cared that we couldn't propagate, God probably has higher priority problems to potentially address. War, poverty, hate, disease, etc, etc. (Why those aren't addressed by God is another question. Think it has something to do with us actually taking care of those in God's name. So why don't we do that?...)

Does God make certain people gay in the same way that God makes some people geniuses, some people athletes, and some people autistic? I don't know. Do people chose to be gay because of mistakes made during their child rearing, or as a sin? I don't think so, because I know people with nice parents who are nice people themselves, yet they still ended up gay.

Ok, my premise is that people don't make themselves gay, God doesn't care, and God might have been involved in the whole "you are gay" thing. The key point is that God doesn't care, but people seem to. Which is why it must suck to be gay. Because people, not God and/or a sense of higher morality, have control down here on Planet Earth.

And those people say that being gay means you can't serve God. But wait, we just said that God doesn't care. Well, God doesn't, but a long time ago (when the world was flat and slavery was ok) people (not God, but a few leaders trying to codify morality in the name of God) wrote that being gay was bad. At the time, it might have been bad for the propagation of the human race, so we'll let that pass.

It sucks to be gay, because a few powerful people a long time ago said it was bad to be gay, so now due to mathematical progressions most people think it is wrong to be gay. What is a gay minister to do? I've got two suggestions:

1 - Hope that the actual people this person ministers rebel against the word of the few. Mass revolt. If her "flock" would stand up and say she is doing God's work and they want her, the few (church leaders) would have to listen. If not, hit that church where it counts. No, not in the nuts, in the pocket book! Stop tithing the church till it changes this ancient and stupid rule. Reminder premise #2 and #3, God doesn't care and might have something to do with it. So God probably likes it when gay people do good things in God's name. God likes good things in any form they come in.

2 - The minister moves to where people will appreciate good deeds and spirituality in God's name. Again, it sucks to be gay, but not everywhere. Pack up and bring God to somewhere where people remember that God likes good things, and that God doesn't care about being gay.

I tend to believe God gives everyone something that sucks. Makes the game of life interesting. I think being gay definitely has its disadvantages today, but as we as a species continue to learn and evolve, we'll learn that being gay doesn't really suck that much. If at all. Until then, only common sense from the flock or a moving van will solve this problem.

As a end to this piece, I'll state for the record that I'm totally not gay. As a dude, I thank God for my wife and the beauty that is female daily! (Ok, I occasionally think women are here only to torment us sports lovin', simple geek men with their multi-tasking, emotional brains ;-). I'm not even sure my advancing morality and sensibility is ready for gay couples raising kids, because I think men and women each bring essential and different parts to a child's growth. But heck, people need to raise their voices if a true minister of God is silenced without reason...

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