December 28, 2004

Enjoying a vacation

I've been off enjoying my winter vacation!! We stayed at home for the holidays, which has given me copious amounts of time to geek! I've been working on my "Light a Brite" application, which is a test application that controls my Beta-Brite LED sign. I also have been organizing our 2004 photos, which is a daunting task!

I realized that it was probably time to bring some of this content back up on this site. I took the first step today by adding the "My Stuff" section to my main page. The only active item is "Links", and it uses old formatting, but I'll take things a step at a time.

I'd comment on world affairs and the like, but I'm blissfully unaware of anything other than the terrible tsunami in Asia. I don't have access to TV (a deliberate decision), so I'm normally disconnected from the world. Over the holidays it seems like that there is often less to report, and less Internet sites to report it. So I've become even more disconnected.

I actually enjoy being disconnected from TV and the world. News today is often so depressing. In some ways I'm an isolationist when it comes to world affairs. I don't want to know, and in general wish the US would adopt a similar policy. I'm tired of the US being the world's police, and it would seem the rest of the world is as well. Let's take the "police" budget and put into education and research. I encourage the US to be the world's economic and research superpower, but I'll pass on the political and offensively military superpower.

Returning to local affairs, my girls and I are enjoying the lack of a schedule. My poor wife has to work :( I'm going to a party in San Francisco tonight, and having lunch with my Aunt Ann and Uncle Steve tomorrow, but other than these events I'm a free man enjoying a chaotic, unscheduled life!

Happy Holidays!

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