December 06, 2004

Starting fresh

I'm tired of my web site's design and content. I keep the content of some sections, especially the Lab, current, while sections haven't been updated in years. I've decided to deal with this, in a rather dramatic way.

All the non-blog content from my web site is no longer accessible. I'm going to slowly renew the content if and when I decide that I can and want to keep sections current.

I've changed the root design for my site as well. I've selected a design from the generic templates on that actually mirrors a design I've been thinking of for some time. I'll change the color scheme and need to add a section for my root level links (Music, Games, Photos, Lab, Reading, Me), but I like it enough to use it as a new start.

When does non-blog content start re-appearing? Well, my G5 is offline for repairs, and all my graphic tools are on that machine. Hopefully I can start on the project as soon as my replacement RAM arrives...

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