December 12, 2004

The winter bug

The winter bug finally got me. I was at the World Handset Forum in San Diego this week, and I think the combination of no sleep, the big PalmSource announcement, and Kamakazis did me in... I've been laid up for the last two days. Blech..

I've found my December "song of the month". "Lazy" by X-Press 2 and David Byrne. It was a #2 single in England in 2002, but of course us Yanks don't get squawt in terms of good dance/electronic/trance music here. Until XM Radio and BPM, of course! Once I heard this song, I knew why it topped the charts. I could groove to this beat for hours! It's available on the iTunes Music Store. The 30 second sample doesn't have the vocals, so you'll have to trust SirCoolio on this one ;-)

I'm suffering from a stack of failures in my lab. My G5 is "down" while it waits for replacement RAM, so I can't do any design work. My PC decided that it has been a year since I built it, so in typical Windows fashion it has to have a complete Registry failure requiring a complete system re-install. I'm going to try and roll the "System Restore" point back to see if I can fix it, but I'm dubious. I quickly built a USB external drive to back up my code projects, saved games, etc., so at least I won't lose anything. Argh!

Xmas is just around the corner. I'm stoked to spend at least a week at home with the family. Plenty of family cheer, game playing, and lab time ;-)

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