January 02, 2005

Don't let it be over!

Oh man, I'm so bumming that the holiday season is almost over. I've been tinkering around the house for almost 10 days, and I'm going to miss playing with the mrs and kids, the parties, and the unstructured time!

Oh, and by the way, do I love the mrs! Yesterday was our 11th anniversary, and she bought me an watch winder! I recently purchased my first automatic (no batteries, powered by movement) Oakley Time Bomb Titanium, and really love it. I want to keep the watch "on time" even when I don't wear it for a few days, and my leading lady came through!

Been tinkering with where to host my online photo albums. Started with Yahoo Photos, but their lack of functionality is almost comical. I checked out the commercial photo sharing services (Snapfish, Ofoto), but they all seem to be based on photo printing (revenue), and seemingly forget that customers must appreciate the social and sharing aspects of their service before they'll buy things.

I looked at hosting my own stuff via PhotoStack, Gallery, or jalbum (which my good friend Michael Gilmore put me onto), and really like jalbum. jalbum is almost as easy as uploading to a commercial site.

I also looked at Hello and flickr (which is the subject of a previous blog entry), and really like flickr. The only thing I didn't like is that the trial is limited to 10MB, which is six 5MP photos! So I've reached the decision point of paying flickr for a great service or hosting on my own via jalbum.

If Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Ofoto, Yahoo, or any other photo wanna-be's are reading this, go take Online Photos 101. You are getting your "arses" kicked in the photo space. Small companies like flickr and Picasa (ok, now a Google company) get that photos initially are about sharing, community, and viewing. Stop focusing on printing and mugs! Delight the customer first, then offer great services to keep people using your product...

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