May 31, 2005

Holiday noodling

Spent the day with my friends Kevin Armstrong and the Regiers (Jason and Kelly). Awesome way to spend Memorial Day. Got to throw the nerf football around in my pool, kick the soccer ball around, and eat great food!! Oh yeah, and watched the Suns squeak a win out in San Antonio. Every time I get to watch a NBA game in High Definition, I thank the gods of technology progress. I’ll try to honor those gods with some killer software in the coming months ;-)
SearchingI did spend part of my holiday afternoon tinkering in Rhapsody’s library functions with my personal music collection of >8800 files. Most of those files are imported (MP3, AAC) files, but a growing number are subscription downloads. Found some interesting things from a usability perspective that I’ll take back the lab. I’ve got a fast machine, but you quickly realize that speed and intuitive designs are critical for traversing a large music library.
I continue to be shocked at how much musical taste has grown now that I use Rhapsody every day. My musical universe in the iTunes world would only grow when I bought a new CD or bought an individual track based on a friend’s recommendation. Even with XM Radio, I just couldn’t find music that I really liked. Rhapsody exposes me to new music every day based on similar artists, artist radio stations (powered by the similarity engine), and playlists shared by people either directly to me or to Playlist Central. I consume so much new music now ;-) Now the challenge is to make the similarity engine 10x easier to use and 10x cooler!
Modified my Links pages for the first time in six months. Moved all my cool browser links that I used more than once to the page.

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