June 05, 2005

Painting the office blue

Spent the day painting my home lab. Blue. It is a classic tale of how I do projects…

I decided well over a year ago that if I were going to have a cool home lab, the walls could not be that bland off white color that covers America’s walls. My walls would be blue. I went to Home Depot, picked an exceptional dark blue color, and bought a test pint of paint. I painted a wall or two and additional test spots to check lighting. It looked great. So I promptly stopped there, job partially completed.

This is my pattern for home improvement projects. Start, get part way done, then stop. Why? I have no idea. I tend to focus on ideas, but execution suffers as I wander onto the next great idea. In the last year, however, I’m working hard to put a stop to this bad habit. I’ve stopped buying supplies for projects unless I’m going to start the project immediately. Just in time resource management ;-) And I’m working hard to finish all these half-baked projects I’ve left scattered all over the house.

So tonight the home lab has 95% blue walls (the remaining 5% get painted tomorrow, couldn’t get access to them because my lab tables were blocking), and brand new wall sockets and switches. I’ve upgraded the GE Total Control Low Voltage lighting switches (circa 1970) to new switches (with pilot lights!), and I put in new white wall sockets.

While I was at the task, I did re-arrange my gear, and more importantly, the wiring for all the lab systems. The cabling is now under cable tie management, so accusations that my cabling is multiplying on its own can now cease ;-)

I made some ergo changes as well, but I’m mostly stoked by the new walls. Staring at a new color makes me happy!

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