August 04, 2005

A watershed day

I used to be interested in politics. As I went to college, however, I started to feel that politics wasn't about change and public good, but negativity and the corrupt nature of man. As such, I stopped paying attention. I decided that the best way to influence change would be to gain significant economic resources then change the system from within.

I'm fiscally conservative and socially moderate. I'm a big believer in funding for education, science, research, and the military. Pork projects, overseas involvement, and big government freak me out. I often vote Republican because it is the lesser of two evils. I'd vote Democrat if they'd stop putting Northeastern liberals on the ticket that don't represent America. I'll error slightly for the conservative over the liberal.

I voted for Al Gore, and when his election by the majority of Americans was thwarted by rules created in older era of American government, my faith in the political system was crushed. Al was the president I'd been waiting for. Tech savvy, not too liberal, intelligent, and well respected in Congress and by foreign leaders.

Now I'm incensed. I voted for George W Bush because John Kerry was a liberal with no backbone. No compelling vision or message. I voted for the lesser of two evils. But now I realized I was duped. The greater evil has emerged, and it must be stopped.

George W dragged us into Iraq, and now we can't get out. And when we leave, do you think it will be any better in Iraq? We are not the world's police. His Patriot Act strips me of civil liberties faster than a dancer gets undressed at a gentleman's club. Our education system is falling into disrepair, leaving us vulnerable as a society to faster moving, forward thinking countries like India, China, and progressive EU states. Our government spends my tax money like it owns the money printing presses and paper is an unbounded resource.


But now GW has pissed me off. This country was founded on the principal of separation of church and state. I have friends of many religious denominations, and they all have their own concept of religion and God. But science is not religion, and church is not state. WE SHOULD NOT TEACH RELIGION IN SCHOOLS. George W, in his infinite wisdom, thinks otherwise.
Bush Remarks Roil Debate
on Teaching of Evolution - New York Times

I'm tired of being marginalized. I'm older, wiser, well off, and intelligent. I can be part of the colitition that breaks the tyranny of George W's regime.

So my request is simple. The Democratic party simply must put forth a candidate who is fiscally and socially moderate. And when they do, I will get involved. My time on the bench is over. I'm bringing my power to bear on this problem.

Al Gore, where are you?

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