March 18, 2006

Starting all over (the 5th time)

Why do I have a web site? How much time do I have for a web site, relative to other things that require my attention? I'm not trying to be metaphysical, I'm asking myself why I over-engineer solutions. Why do I spend more time maintaining and trying to "build" a site than posting content, which is the reason I created it?
This leads to the simple fact that less is more. Duh. When I need more, I'll get more. I was up till 3am last night trying to get WordPress running, but that didn't work. I've got a high end Unix hosting partner whose tools are admittedly for Unix geeks. I don't have spare nights (anymore?) to devote to mysql, ssh, and chmod. Do I need WordPress yet? Probably not. Do I even need a more expensive hosting partner that caters to Unix geeks? Probably not.
So I'm back to Blogger, and I'll create custom pages where appropriate. Let's see how this works out. Can't be any worse. At a minimum, I shouldn't be up at 3am anymore trying to unravel php errors!

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