March 23, 2006

Why spend an evening aggregating bookmarks?

I've spent the last few hours aggregating my booksmarks into a common location on Is this a good use of time? I decided it was under the banner of "less is more"

I'm a gadget hound, and I've accumulated many computers in my lab. I've got a role (excuse) for each of them, but I recently realized I could get rid of a few with no impact-- on my geek foo. Everything one owns take time, space, money, electricity, or mental cycles to maintain. Possessions possess their owners, or something like that. So I'm getting rid of two computers, and this means transferring everything on them to another system. And this led to my bookmarks.

I had separate bookmark collections on five machines. This is neither efficient or useful. Now I use another kewl social collaboration tool to centralize my bookmarks and take another small step towards decluttering my life.

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