April 21, 2006

Design and Technology back online

It took some sleuthing in the Blogger user forums, but I found the source of Blogger problem that yielded the error message "your blog is under maintenance". It was NOT under maintenance. It in fact had a bad Site Feed path, and that error was my doing. Why Blogger reports the problem with an incorrect and misleading error message is beyond me. There also seems to be no easy way to report this problem to Blogger QA or tech support. Blogger is pretty cool, but their tech support side is a mess. Very hard to find, navigate, and escalate in. I should caveat that by remembering that the service is free... The blog now has an RSS feed, technorati tags, and some new content! Thanks to Mike Mace for pointing out that I hadn't turned on RSS (well, Atom) feeds. Funny how I use RSS feeds to consume Internet news and blog content, but since I don't "read" my own blog, but neglected to notice this oversight. I guess I need my own QA department now ;-)
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