May 08, 2006

Chopping trees and scanning film

Haven't been blogging much recently. Chopping tress and scanning film.

I've been cutting down a run of trees in my backyard in advance of replacing the fence on that side of the house. They were ugly trees, which sealed their fate. Being a lumberjack is tiring work. I've been going to bed much earlier while we chop, cut, and bundle these things. So I blog less.

I also re-started a project I've initiated no less than five times, only to stop after little progress. Anne and I have five moving boxes filled with photos from the pre-digital era. One hundred to two hundred rolls of 35mm film and prints. I also have all my B&W prints and negatives from my college photography classes. I've always wanted to review them, digitize and archive the negatives, and make photo albums out of the great shots. The story of our life before the digital camera era. It is a huge task. I recently decided to try again after running into this mass of imagery while moving my home lab into a bigger room in our house (where the boxes were buried in a cabinet).

I read some interesting articles about automating the digitization process, but it seems like the only way to do this is start. So off I go. I'll document the process over in Design and Technology, and as a byproduct I'll be adding plenty more photos to my online album!

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