June 02, 2006

For the love of quality

I spent more time Sunday researching prosumer flatbed scanners to solve the scanning speed issues I've been experiencing. I finally found good sites where people were discussing the problems I've experienced.

The net impact of my research is I'm going to continue using the dedicated film scanner I have now. While I could scan more negatives at once with a prosumer flatbed, most of the forum posts I've read indicate that the quality of the flatbed scan won't yield enough pixels to print photos above 4x6 with sufficiently high quality. Since my project root is archival in nature, I need high quality scans more than I need speed.

I also decided to change from 8bit to 12bit scans on my film scanner. This adds about 30 seconds per scan and doubles the output file size (~70MB per negative), but again, I'm only going to want to scan the negatives once, so I should spent the extra time and disk space to get the best scan possible. You can always down-sample, but up-sampling never maintains quality...

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