March 13, 2007

What is the only thing I bought from CES?

I saw plenty of amazing gadgets and toys at CES, but there is only one that caught my wallet's attention in addition to my eye's. Sony has a cool GPS Image Tracker that automatically geocodes (attach the geographic location, aka "where") photos you take with your digital camera. Can't remember where in Italy you took the picture of those ancient Roman ruins? Not anymore. This tiny gizmo remembers where you took your photos, appends the information to your photos, then allows you to see those photos on a map mash-up! I'm going to be hacking with this thing, and here is a sneak peek as to why. Imagine you are driving to your friend's place in the city. She lives in Noe Valley at 478-A 24th Street, but you've never visited her place before and have no idea where it really is in that crowded area of town. It would be pretty amazing when you pull up to her apartment building, staring at a sea of front doors and side streets, to have your navigation device show you the picture of her front door?! The picture is geocoded and ready to go on Flickr, you just need an internet connected Dash device to pull all the pieces of this puzzle together;-) It is trying to solve small problems like this one that makes working at Dash all the more fun! Marketing disclaimer : I didn't just announce a new Dash product feature. This is a random marketing brainfart that may or may not become a feature, depending on the whim of our all powerful Engineering team. It is not even that novel, just cool and geeky ;-)
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