April 13, 2007

Some sweet Harmony last night...

Logitech Harmony 880, that is. Get your mind out of the gutter ;-) I decided to customize my Logitech Harmony 880 remote last night. My buddy Kevin showed me Logitech's new Java based Harmony configuration tool, and I decided it was time to get my already great remote control into top top shape! I wanted to add my favorite DirecTV stations and my XM on DirectTV stations, and add the ability to quickly change the View Mode on my Sharp Aquos. While I spent an hour on the task, the actual work only took a few minutes. The rest was just playing! Three tips I have:
  • Check out these amazing icons optimized for the 880. When you add favorite channels, the Harmony has a place for these icons, just needed somewhere to get them. Now I've got them!
  • Definitely lower the inter-key delay to ZERO (0) if you are having the problem of slow input on a particular device.
  • Logitech definitely updates the device profiles (IR codes) for devices, but when they do that, they don't expose that information in their interface or optionally let you upgrade. The only way I figured it out was to "Troubleshoot" devices, then the software tells me that there is an updated profile for the device. I had new profiles for my DTV recorder and my Oppo DVD player. Now they tell me. The updated DTV profile, along with the reduced inter-key delay, solved a problem I, and other on the net, where having with favorite channels and my DTV recorder.
  • I like the 880 so much that I got another one. If one is good, two must be amazing ;-) LOL!
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