June 12, 2007

Crap, it's The Police. Ditch the stuff!

Tomorrow night, Oakland Coliseum!!! Kick ASS! I've got 2 great seats, and I'm taking my younger daughter to her first concert. I figured a reunion tour for a freakin awesome punk band from the late 70s and early 80s would be a good place to continue her musical education and start her down the live music path. And yes, I only remember the Police from their early reggae, ska inspired punk days. I grew up on that stuff. Outlandos d'Amour anyone? My freshman college roommate played The Police 24x7, burning it into my the recesses of my mind. Later Sting solo music = set phasers on stun... But in case you think I'm stuck in a late 70s/early 80s time warp, I'm doubly buzzed because tomorrow is Linkin Park pre-sales for LPU members. I've seen every LP show in the Bay Area, and it is a near religious experience for me. I plan on coming back hoarse, tired, and happy after having vented my life angst on July 29th. But wait, there's more. Evanescence is coming back to the Bay Area after the pretty kickass show late last year up in SF. I think it is going to be in Concord, so no more cozy or urban settings for the show. They've gotten big enough that they play the soulless amphitheatres now :( But Amy's vocals and lyrics make it all worth while! Ah, summer concerts! One of these days when I'm extremely well off I'm going to have Green Day, LP, the Offspring, or Snow Patrol play in my back yard for me and my closest friends. That will be one more item checked off on the "things to do before you die" list.
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