July 30, 2007

Another life goal achieved

Life's progress can sometimes be measured in the "little" goals one sets for themselves. There are the big life goals like college, marriage, kids, job, etc., but the little goals are pretty fun too. Friday I happily checked another one of those goals off my list: Season tickets for a professional sports team. My buddy Kevin and I got season tickets to the San Jose Sharks. For the past two years we've either had 10 Packs or bought tickets from a friend who had season tickets herself, but this year we have our own seats!!! Ever since I was a kid I wanted season tickets to a pro team. Over the years I imagined I would get better seats, then pass my glass/courtside/over the dugout seats to my kids as a legacy. A family heirloom, so to speak! Over the years the big obstacle to this has not been money, it has been time. With young kids and business travel, I've never had the time to enjoy more than a few games a year for any sport. With my girls turning into young ladies and my employer still being a startup (limited travel as we guard the budget), the time was right to enjoy the fruits of my labor and buy the season pass! We got tickets next to our friend who also has season tickets, so we can take up to four people to the Sharks. I'm sure we'll sell/give some of the games to friends, etc., but now I've got my own reserved portion of hockey heaven. Here is a picture Kevin (via his new swanky iPhone) took of the HP Pavilion as they upgrade the signs this year. No ice yet, but come the Fall, it is on! So to my almost toddler Nick I say, the quest for season tickets on the glass has begun!!! Oh yes, they will be yours!
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