July 15, 2007

On vacation

The lack of posts is not another "start enthusiastictly then stop blogging almost immediately" thing. My family and I have been vacationing in Europe for the past weeks, and we will be back relatively soon! This update comes from near Florence, Italy at Anne's aunt's home! We've already been to London, Paris, and Rome. Definitely one of the three most important and amazing trips of my life. This is my first time in front of a computer with Internet access since we left! I only brought a camera, an iPod, and a cell phone (emergencies only!) for this trip. Been completely off the Internet for the last fifteen days. Completely liberating and enlightening. The information overload phenomenom is real. I will go on a Information Diet when I return... Been writing business ideas and notes the entire trip in a journal. Also been listening to the "4 hour work week" bestseller by Tim Ferriss. I need to radically change some things when I get back. Ciao!!
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