August 18, 2007

Saturday, Aug 18

Great things: 1 - Seeing my son take his first steps! 2 - Catching up with friends at Anne's 20th high school reunion, including two of our dearest friends who were at our wedding Sad things: Tiffling with my wife over how to manage the weekend. Tiffling with your loved ones is rarely the right thing to do, and in retrospect often seems quite stupid. Mea culpa. Random observation: I can't believe we are twenty years older than high school now. Everyone at Anne's reunion looked, well, parental. Amazing how 300 thirty eight year olds can look so different in terms of age, but there is no doubt that we are adults now. We are the "man", or are closing in on being the man. Hopefully we do a good job in our turn at the helm...
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