September 28, 2007

Seeing into souls

Highlights of my Day +Traveling to clear my head. +Remembering how much I depend on and love my wife. You realize you are in love with someone when you can't imagine traveling on life's journey without them. You remember how much you love someone as you realize that they have become life's journey, intricately woven into the fabric of your life. Lowlights -Watching the yellow airports fire trucks race past my airplane on the way to an accident. It's amazing how being at a random place at a random time can remind you how life's path is non-deterministic. Thankfully everyone escaped the affected plane without injuries. My Day as a Song Ordinary Day by Dolores O'Riordan Random Thought God IS in the details Movie you simply must see Cashback Mental doodle Yaweh Jones - a slight but beautiful woman with a name she curses her hippie parents for, a nondescript clerical role, and a seemingly missing life path. She neatly fills the claim of Generation Y; idly passing 9-5 to proceed through to the evening and an enjoyable yet intentionally aimless social life. While others would describe Ms. Jones as drifting through life, Ya (as she is known by her girlfriends) would say she is lost in the enormity of life's story. Have you ever stared at a random person in a bar and wondered what their story is? Behind the lip gloss or cologne and beneath the carefully selected Dolce & Gabbana or Armani, who are they? Do the beautiful people have beautiful souls? How did they arrive at this moment? What singular thought is racing through their minds this very second? What was their most awkward moment as a teenager? Are they comfortable with their bodies, or as insecure as the rest of us? What is the real story behind the tatoo on the inside of their ankle? Ya doesn't ask these questions anymore, but she always knows the answers. She's spent the last fifteen years trying to live around the fact that if she stops and stares at someone for long enough, the story of their lives starts cascading into her mind in random segments. With enough focus, she can shape the segments to answer any question she might have. The curiosity of this trick is beguiling and maddening at the same time. Sit with a casual first date at the pub and realize he is a toss pot within moments as you see the series of women he attempts over his pathetic life to add as sexual conquests. Feel the agony of a random man walking down the street as he in turn looks at a young boy and sees his own little boy fighting cancer in a 70s decor Brighton hospital. Feel and visualize the stream of events that united a young couple sitting together at dinner next to you. How does Ya live her life when all she she can see is the screaming intensity and diversity of the lives all around her played out in her mind's eye? One story thread plays on from here. Another layers in... Now imagine that Yaweh is a subtle play on words, and in fact Yaweh is God, drifting in a seemingly random fashion through the world she created. Wandering through (and occasionally touching) the world and souls she created, she intimately feels the joy and the pain inside the souls she's created. What God set in motion, entropy and chaos have shaped, and now she can see the consequences of the universe she set in motion. Maybe God does see and hear your private cries for help and mutterings of eternal thanks, in a way that is almost too obvious to see...
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