October 11, 2007

Ah, the comforts of home

I am working at home today and enjoying every minute of it. I'm working on PRDs (Product Requirement Documents) in the Conceptualization phase of a new project, so I need the peace and quiet of my home media "laboratory" to brainstorm about the future. I've optimized my home office for this exercise, with the following essentials being close at hand:
  • Internet access for competitive analysis, market research, etc.
  • A whiteboard for mindmaps
  • iTunes with my entire music collection playing quite loudly. Disturbed and Sarah McLachlan facilitate two different thought patterns ;-) I try and change the BPM of the background music while writing to stay energized
  • My notebook. Every feature idea, bug, and random concept I think of or hear from co-workers, customers, friends, etc. gets written into my notebook. I've always got three or four business ideas and concepts for the next versions of existing product in this thing. I use the Logitech Digital I/O pen to capture everything digitally in case some terrible fate befalls the beloved notebook. I just read an article about Francis Ford Coppola's house in Argentina being robbed and his losing the script for his latest movie.
There is something about lots of sunlight, loud music, and a familiar keyboard (I've used the same keyboard for almost eight years) that increases my creativity and productivity many-fold. Something that strikes me is that although I'm a huge fan of task optimized devices, a recent wave of technology and manufacturing improvements is leading to a generation of converged devices that won't suck. We are finally able to bring together divergent solutions to associated problems within the mobile space in converged form factors that are pocketable, intuitive, and usable throughout a range of user environments (home, car, walking, work) and scenarios. Hardware, software, and service will finally come together in compelling ways in the mobile space. Other than wishing for a revolutionary leap in battery (power) technologies, all the pieces seem to available to create amazing solutions. It's a damn exciting time to be working at the junction of mobile, consumer, entertainment, and location based solutions!! Giddy up! So I'm listening to Sarah McLachlan's Remixed at an excessive volume and brainstorming about 2008 through 2011!!! Back to the whiteboard...
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