October 20, 2007

Man Weekend

Highlight of the Day + My startup had quite a day at a big industry conference. Nice to see the great industry and press reaction to what we are working on. With that said, all the kudos in the world mean nothing if you don’t deliver an amazing and intuitive product to customers. Back to work for us! FCS approaches with alarming speed... + Man Weekend!!!!! Lowlight - None yet. I’ve designed the next few days to be lowlight free ;-) My Day as a Song Welcome to Paradise - Green Day Random Thought “Castles they might crumble, dreams may not come true, you were never all alone, because I will always, always love you“ - Plumb jibber jabber I’m writing this from 4J on the way to Seattle. After the “man”, me, has been stuffed into the back of countless planes in coach for business over the years, it was nice to finally submit my name for an upgrade and actually get it. They say that rank has its privileges, but when everyone has it, airlines status is nearly meaningless. It is so hard to burn the accumulated credits these days. But I got an upgrade on Man Weekend! Man Weekend involves flying to Seattle to stay with my buddy Michael Gilmore, who is one of the most talented visual designers in the world. He works at Microsoft on the core Windows experience, most recently on Vista. Microsoft, you are lucky bastards to have him, but know that I covet his services. Take care to give him an excessive comp package or my next startup will raid him without mercy. I’ve got eight people I’d immediately call if/when I start another company, and Mikey is one of them. Much like Battlestar Galactica, you have to stay tuned if you want to know the identity of the remaining seven. And yes, more than one them read this blog semi-regularly ;-) Are you a Cylon?! Tonight’s agenda is to catch up with Mikey’s family, drink some good wine, and play Xbox 360. Oh yes, no Man Weekend is complete without video games. Tomorrow it is off to UW football versus Oregon. Oh yes, rivalry time! Much football and drinking is in order. It is expected to be chilly and rainy, which just plain kicks ass for watching football. Football is a fall sport. Sunday is supposed to have trout fishing in it. Enough said. A hearty thanks goes to my wife for covering the fort while I get out for a little R&R. You are one classy lady!!
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