October 02, 2007

Some disassembly required

Highlights of the Day + Playing with my son, whom I affectionately call "Nick Nugget". He recently started walking and is so much fun to be with. He laughs, plays, and beats his Pappa with a straw. Life is about the little treasures and moments... + Design reviews: Some people dread design reviews because of the discourse and potentially negative feedback, but I absolutely love them. Few things are more stimulating (@ work & legal!) than vetting designs you have pored your heart and soul into. It's invigorating to successfully defend a design's merits, but equally as gratifying when the design doesn't hold water and needs improvement. Why? Because a design is not about the designer. It is about creating something that is intuitive and delights the customer. When constructive feedback takes your design to the next level, that is a good feeling. + Bouncing interesting ideas off smart folks. One person can have a great idea, a few people can create the next great thing, and the consensus of a crowd is just a least common denominator... Lowlights - Realizing that if we had spent all the money directed to the Iraq war(s) on renewable energy sources and conservation, we wouldn't be dependent on the Middle East and the climate situation might be a bit less terrifying. Isolationism is sounding better and better. Maybe America needs to go to its room for a "timeout" where we can think about what we did wrong... My Day as a Song You Should Be Dancing by the Bee Gees Random Thought Why don't Hollywood and sport stars hire "mortality handlers" armed with power of attorney, sole access to the client's spending money, and a taser? $200K burdened cost/year versus losing $10MM+/year in salary, endorsements, and merchandising? If you have no moral compass or are stupid enough not to keep your indiscretions concealed, just hire someone to keep you out of trouble. Less posse, more corral! Jibber jabber Spent the later evening soothing my inner "Disco Eric" with some classic Bee Gees (Greatest, Tales from the Brothers Gibb). Also did some surgery on a Palm PDA, pictured below in some state of disassembly. This one had a damaged screen (not sure what compressed the LCD to the point of significant damage), but with a new screen from PDA Parts and a T6 driver she is as good as new!
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