November 01, 2007

An early November day

Highlights of the Day + My boy is feeling better after almost a week with a nasty stomach virus + I'm feeling much better after recovering from the plague my son gave me. Back in the gym! Lowlight - Determining that going green (buying a hybrid) doesn't make economic sense within a reasonable timeframe
My Day as a Song Evil Nine - We Have The Energy Game I am Playing The Orange Box for Xbox 360 - Half Life 2: Episode 1. Orange Box has to be the steal of the year in terms of game value. TF2, all of Half Life 2, and Portal thrown in to mess with our elementary concepts of physics. We owe you one, Valve! BTW, there is a certain wickedness in grabbing people with the gravity gun and throwing them into negative space... Random Thoughts "The question isn't when is he's going to stop, it's whose going to stop him" - Koma + Bones - SpeedFreak There is nothing better to remind you of the taste of something than to have it taken away...
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