January 28, 2008

The aliases have met an unforntunate demise

I had a few aliases on Shelfari, but it became unmanageable and action was required. My friends asked which "friend" they were supposed to send book recommendations to, etc. The worst alias offender was sircoolio, an old alias that contained the original book list I added to Shelfari and "accurate" personal information. I left it floating out there with a few other test accounts. No more...

"sircoolio, the long avoided Shelfari alias for Eric Klein, was cooly terminated tonight between 7 and 8 PM PST. A spokesperson for the rival alias eric, speaking exclusively to this blog, said sircoolio had outlived his usefulness and was impeding eric's drive to Shelfari uniqueness. The spokesman went on to say that other aliases were eliminated over the last few days, but with sircoolio's demise, eric's domination as an alias was complete and no further interventions were required. "Other aliases should take our action as a warning that no alias flagged as an Axis of Evil or as a rogue alias is safe from the actions of a lameduck Republican presidential alias".

Police authorities won't explicitly call out the cause of death, but the use of the delete key is suspected. We'll bring you more news on this shocking tragedy as details emerge, including rumors that sircoolio was a member of the secretive "unique Shelfari ID less than 100" organization also known as "La Bookmafiazo"..."

eric now rules my Shelfari alias universe...

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