January 27, 2008

Two quotes from the most recent BusinessWeek

Two items from the most recent (Feb 4, 2008) BusinessWeek caught my eye... 1 - Glenn Hutchins, Silver Lake (pg. 020), when Maria Bartiromo asked him "What's the next Google?" "It's wireless content. I have my Bloomberg on my BlackBerry. It's fantastic. And that's what people will want. Capability and content will be very significant. Wireless and mobility have a chance to be bigger than the PC." Glenn, I couldn't agree with you more, though I'll confidently predict that mobile devices will be bigger than the PC. We're seeing fundamental changes in technology, business models, and customer expectation that should finally allow mobile to blossom. The intersection of media content, location awareness, and social graphs is going to yield amazing solutions in the next twenty four months. I'm so confident in this that I'm aligning my career to it as well as my angel investments. More on this in the coming weeks... 2 - An interesting quote on the economy on pg. 026 "As of the third quarter of 2007, the 10-year growth rate for consumption was 3.6%, vs. GDP growth for the same period of 2.9%. ... The extra spending has amounted to a total of about $3 trillion since 2001." Oh yes, a recession is coming. The bell is going to toll on those who didn't follow the simple axiom that you don't spend more than you make. Notice what all the "quiet" financial marker makers are doing. They are sharpening their pencils, looking for the rock bottom deals that are going to appear when the over-extended have to deal. BlackRock? buying. Buffet? buying. I'm with quiet types. You can make good money in a bull market, but you can make exceptional returns during a bear market. Buy low, sell high...
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