February 12, 2008

My son is eighteen months old!

Highlights of the Day
+ Nick is eighteen months old today!!! Woo hoo! My crown prince is learning words and can destroy more things in the house every day. Luckily the elder Crown Princesses keep the boy in line. All is good!
+ Having a great brainstorming session with my peers today. I love it when ideas start flowing and building on each other. You don't know where you will end up, you just know it will be good!
+ 70 degrees F, baby! As a home owner with fruit trees a plenty, I loved all the rain we got. I'll be skiing on the proceeds of those storms soon. But oh how I appreciate a nice sunny, warm day!
- Need sleep. While I beat the flu, I'm cumulatively behind on my sleep. And for some reason, I wake up in the middle of the night after dreaming about improvements to the Java roadmap?! My mind is working on new problems 24/7 ;-)
My Day as a Song
Game I'm Playing
I just kicked BioShock to the curb after finally beating the 2007 Game of the Year. Oh yeah, it was that good! Far too many late nights were invested in that quest. I popped COD4 into the trusty 360, but after BioShock I need a break from FPS. So I'm either going to start Mass Effect or go back to NBA/NHL 07, sprinkling some Forza 2 on top for good effect!
Book I'm Reading
Check my Shelfari bookshelf to the right! I was sick the last few days, so much reading did I. Not that I liked much of what I read. Much anticipation and little reward. I'm going back to Alan Greenspan's tome. Alan is the shnizzle ;-)
Random Thoughts
How do you express something when every word you feel like using to describe it has been overloading by Marketeers to the point of futility? Frustrated yet guilty as charged ;-)
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