March 09, 2008

BTW, I love Apple!

I recently announced (announcement / video) that Sun is enthusiastic about creating a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) for the iPhone. The press reaction has been generally positive, and in fact, there have already been questions about whether the Apple license agreement will allow us to deploy the JVM if our crack engineers are able to build it. I'll leave those questions to another forum, but we really do want to deliver a JVM if at all possible!
One of the things that excited me about coming to Sun was the amount of Mac mojo in the building! Mac friendly is one of my requirements for joining a company. I spent almost five years at Apple, ending my journey with them (pun intended) as the Entertainment Evangelist back in the mid 90s. In old Apple lingo, I bleed six colors. It's hard for me to work at a company that doesn't support the Mac. And Sun uses Macs! They are everywhere inside the Java group! I was excited to find a vibrant Mac community with a busy discussion list, Mac OpenOffice via NeoOffice, and plenty of iPhones in the building. Many of us carry two phones, the iPhone because it is an example of a simple and elegant user experience we also strive to build, and a cool phone that runs Java and all the apps we've come to know and love.
I've got two Macs between home (Intel Mac Mini) and work (Mac Book Pro), and plan on buying a Mac Pro this summer after JavaOne is wrapped and I gain some semblance of free time. I love the Mac and one of my key goals is to strengthen the relationship between Apple and Sun's Java team. I'm hopeful that the community that uses Mac as the core of their creative development process is going to be excited about what we are doing with JavaFX, but that is a story for JavaOne in May...
I just had to say that I'm personally a big Apple fan and that Sun has a strong Mac community. Here's a hearty cheer for Java on Mac (and iPhone ;-)!!
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