March 10, 2008

Media Consumption

This weekend was great for media consumption. I finally got to see Michael Clayton, which I thought was an excellent character story and morality play. I have to admit if I could dress like George Clooney (let alone act like he does) I'd be a happy man. I thought Tilda Swinton's performance was memorable but I'm wondering about Oscar worthy? 
I also watched the HD-DVD version of Blade Runner, which was excellent. When I saw the big neon Atari logo in the movie, I was stoked! I've been buying HD-DVD movies now that they are $10!
On the gaming front, I finally started Mass Effect. My buddy Kevin has played the game through twice, which is a sign that it doesn't suck. I tend to agree after two or so hours in the game. Kevin says I haven't even really started the game, so it must be massive. It's like KOTR without the Star Wars story, and better A/V ;-)
I've been reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, a Hugo award winning fantasy book. I have to admit I almost took it back to the library because I found it a bit slow, but the pace has picked up and now that Jonathan Strange has been introduced as the foil, I'm intrigued. I renewed my checkout for this book last night. It's a thick read.
All and all a good weekend of media consumption. My quest to scan all of my 35mm negatives continues; luckily it is an excellent background task.
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