March 26, 2008

Walt likes it!!!

Walt Mossberg likes the Dash Express! Congrats to the team! His review was fair and objective, which is all you can ask for. I remember driving with Walt late last year as we demonstrated Dash to him on the road for the first time. Then it was a preview, and now he's driving with a Dash on his home turf. I can't believe Dash Express is finally shipping. That was two years of my life, but two great ones. Reading reviews on your own product is tough, though its less hard for me because I joined Sun right as we finished the Express development cycle. I have a weird sense of detachment from the product, which I guess is good because it means I'm anchored in on my Sun products. I use my Dash Express every day, and have come to depend on the ETAs based on real time traffic conditions. Glad to see Walt likes it as much as I do! Congrats to Gina, Mark, Paul, Robert, Kay, Rob, Brian, Sylvia and the whole Dash team. Can't forget Paul and Laurie either. I still remember my first day at Dash working with you two. It's your baby more than many. This is Dash's day to shine!
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